Friday, September 5, 2014

Almost Friends

Pupdate: Cali, our nearly 6-year-old Lab mix, and Jasper, our new, spunky 3-month-old Biewer Yorkie puppy are starting to settle into their dog-sibling roles.

Jasper has mastered the art of the annoying younger brother, with his hyperactive and curious personality, his constant "play with me" pleas. Cali is perfectly cast as the aloof older sister, who doesn't appreciate the yipping and nipping for a round of rough-housing at 6:30 a.m., nor is she too keen on sharing her personal space with a pipsqueak.

Nevertheless, after about two weeks together, and considerable work on my part, this undeniably "odd couple" is inching towards "almost friends" territory. Playing together, chasing each other, snoozing on the couch in close proximity... even chewing bones in the same bed the other day! It was such a great moment I had to capture some (read: a lot) photographic and video proof. The moment started with Jasper trying to steal Cali's large, big girl rawhide (naturally), but once I gave him his appropriately-sized puppy bone, everyone was happy.

They are a handful at timestogether and separately; yes, even the six-year-old pooch!but I love my little yin-and-yang fur family.

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