Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Coffee Date

Today I had the joy of meeting face-to-face with a new blogger friend, Jen of Letters & Pearls. After about six weeks of getting to know each other via our blogs and Instagram, we decided to meet for coffee at what is veritably Tampa Bay's best gathering place, the Oxford Exchange (which I blogged about before here and here, and Jen wrote about here after visiting on my recommendation!). Since moving from California to St. Pete six months ago, I haven't had the opportunity to make many new friends, so it's been absolutely lovely to start building a friendship with another like-minded gal who gets the ups and downs of military life, and an even bigger pleasure to actually meet in person. Jen is warm, down to earth, and easy to talk to—just as sweet as can be. And super stylish, too! (We both share an affinity for booties, so I wore my new ones for our date.) We joked prior to our meeting that we'd probably be so busy taking photos of the beautiful surroundings at OE that we'd be too distracted to really talk. But the opposite happened! Instead, we were so busy chatting, swapping stories about our hubbies (good ones!) and life as military wives, that I only had a chance to snap the above photo of my vanilla latte (that's a large, gorgeous skylight reflecting off the table). So while I don't have much eye candy to post, I'd say our meeting was a success. Today exemplified, for me anyway, the best part about blogging: connecting with people—and often, kindred spirits—you otherwise may never have met. I'm looking forward to more coffee dates (and wine nights!) in the future.

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