Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Old Dogs, New Tricks : Picking up a Hobby

The holiday season is officially here and in full force. You'd think since I am not working at the moment that a holiday wouldn't have the same effect as having days off, but I am finding it hard to bust out of my perpetual food coma (which has been lingering thanks to a fridge full of Turkey Day leftovers) and much of this weekend was spent glued to my laptop while online shopping, trying to find the best deal and hoping a better one wouldn't come along the very next day. Thank you, Cyber Monday. It's a little stressful, don't you think?

Anyway, now it's Tuesday and after a morning spent walking the dogs, doing laundry, cleaning dishes and dropping Jasper off at the groomer, I'm starting to feel like I'm getting back into my usual routine. You know, the one where I sit on the couch, attempt to resist the brain-suck that is the TV and be productive. Ha.

Now, given its title, this post is supposed to be about a new hobby. And no, it's not about my addiction to and skillfulness with online shopping. (Even though I was able to score some good deals and mark a few people off my Christmas list yesterday.) This is about starting a more difficult but hopefully more rewarding hobby with my hubby: guitar lessons!

[ The hubs playing around on his new Ibanez acoustic guitar. Forgive the morning hair! ]
About two weeks ago, G came home and expressed to me that he wanted to find himself a hobby. He loves to cook, he is obsessed with football (San Diego Chargers, woot woot!), but he felt like he needed to do something more, to challenge himself. He decided he would like to learn to play the guitar. G had a bass guitar as a kid, but he never really learned to play more than a few chords. I was totally on board with him picking up the guitar because I've been wanting to learn for years, too. In fact, it was more than three years ago that I bought myself a guitar. 

It was an impulsive purchase; a I'm not getting any younger, seize the day, do what you dream of doing, make it happen, just do it already kind of purchase. I don't regret it, necessarily, but I do regret that the beautiful blue acoustic-electric guitar has just been sitting in its case all this time, not being played. I tried to take a few online lessons via YouTube but I think this is the type of hobby where you really need a skilled expert to teach you. The DIY-approach may work for some things and for some people, but it may also just lead to bad habits and technique. And, as in my case, laziness when it comes to practicing. Paying for standing weekly lessons is a sure-fire way to keep you accountable.

G researched potential guitars and we made a trip to Guitar Center two weekends ago. He ended up going home with a gorgeous mahogany Ibanez acoustic guitar. Fast-forward to today and we have our first lesson this evening. I'll be a bit nervous, I'm sure, but hopefully we will have fun, too. Wish us luck!

[ Me and my guitar, after I bought it three years ago! ]
Do you know how to play the guitar? Or another musical instrument? (I played the oboe from junior high through the beginning of college, and I was actually a vocal major before switching to journalism.) What are your hobbies?

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