Thursday, December 11, 2014

Settling for Unsettled for Now

"The world is too big to stay in one place and life too short to do just one thing."

A romantic notion. And true, even though there are some people who do manage to stay, relatively, in one place and do, generally, one thing, career wise. One place and one thing may be happiness for some, misery for others. I'd normally tend toward exploring, dabbling, learning and growing. And yet, part of me finds myself resisting this romantic, free-spirited thought, what I'd call an adventurer's motto. A large part of me finds myself longing to feel settled, especially at a time when shadows of doubt are being cast upon next year's big plans. Just when I start getting used to the idea of moving again, and allowing myself to feel some excitement about the possibilities that may await, someone, something, comes and pulls the rug of stability out from under me once again. Nothing is certain. Things going the way we anticipate or things going awry. I can't even count on being disappointed, if that makes sense. Everything is up in the air. Unsettled. Just like me. I know I need to embrace this shallow-roots lifestyle because it will be our life for the next, oh, 12 years. We will be moving every three years and, as recent history has shown, perhaps more often. I can't count on where the military will send us but I can count on that. But man, would it be nice to go somewhere and stay long enough to want to paint the walls, unpack all the boxes, develop roots without fear or worry of having to tear them up right when buds begin to sprout. 

Yes, how nice it would be to do one thing in one place for a little while.

(Image via Free People)

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