Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wrapped Up in Love

Merry Christmas Eve! Part of me is feeling like I can't believe the holidays are really here, they seem like they came so quickly. (But isn't that always how it feels?) And yet, so much has happened this year, from planning a wedding, to getting married, to moving across the country. As much as I wish I could be home for Christmas, I'm so glad that I have G by my side to celebrate with; this, our first married Christmas. They say "all you need is love" and that seems especially true at the holidays. Of all the things we want and wish for, the best gift is to be surrounded by love. No matter where the Coast Guard takes us, no matter how far from "home" we are, my husband, my love, is my home, my heart, and the one I want to spend all my Christmases with. I hope that whatever you are doing, wherever you are, that you are wrapped up in love this Christmas.

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