Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Miami Memories : Chargers at Sun Life Stadium

We're back from Miami! We returned home yesterday evening to some very happy dogs. (Furry, jumping, smiling greetings are the best kind.) We managed to squeeze quite a bit of activity into just about two days, so I thought I'd break up our weekend getaway recap into a couple posts. I'll start with the best worst time.

If you're a football fan, you know what I'm talking about: Sunday's Chargers game against the Miami Dolphins. The game was the sole reason for our trip down south. It was G's birthday gift to himself, to see his favorite team when they came to Florida. So an embarrassing shut-out was definitely not on the itinerary.

Nevertheless, outside of the Bolts' poor plays and scoreless-ness, G and I had a good time. When G started feeling down and regretting even coming to the game, I reminded him that we have no control over how the Chargers play (as much as we wish we did!). We can only control how we feel about our experience, and we could choose to enjoy ourselves regardless of the scoreboard. 

Fortunately, my husband is a bit more reasonable than some fanatical, sports-loving dudes and can see beyond the football-fueled rage, especially with a little positive reinforcement from me, which went something like this while waiting at the bar for another round of drinks:

We have a great view of the field 
and seats in the fancy-schmancy Club Level of Sun Life Stadium! 
We are living large in Miami! 
Sipping Chardonnay and Corona, woot woot! 

Sometimes we wives have to be cheerleaders, especially when our hubby's team is having a bad day.

[ Walking into Sun Life Stadium, thrilled (and surprised) to see so many other Chargers fans! ]
[ In da club. The Club Level of Sun Life Stadium, that is. ]
[ When we got to our seats we found this. A bit ironic considering the outcome of the game. What did we win? Just a pair of Dolphins sunglasses. Also known as: trash. ]
[ Posing, and hopeful, before the game. It was a beautiful, sunshine-y Miami day. ]
[ Battle of the 17s! I thought this was funny. These men are friends, too. In case you are not a football fan, Tannehill is the quarterback for the Dophins, Rivers is the QB for San Diego. ] 
[ Chargers and Dolphins setting up for a play. This was right around the time we gave up on the game and decided to get out of the heat and just hang out in the Club. ] 
[ Seriously delicious, hit-the-spot BBQ pork nachos in the Club. My friends will tell you: I don't much like cheese, but I love me some nachos. Especially when I'm a wee bit (or a lot) tipsy. ]
[ View of the Miami skyline as seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows in the Club. ]

Stay tuned for more recaps from our mini Miami vacation!

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