Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Family Stones

Sometimes I wish I had endless white walls to fill up with all the beautiful artwork I fall in love with. Because I really do seem to fall for a lot of it. And these new finds are no exception. I've blogged about Minted before, for its lovely, independent artist-made cards and invitations, but did you know the online stationery boutique offers fine art as well? Art of all kinds, in fact, including this new Birthstones collection featuring 12 limited-edition prints by Michigan-based artist Naomi Ernest. The ink and watercolor pieces come framed or unframed and in varying sizes-- 8" x 8" all the way up to 44" x 44" if you're looking for a real showstopper.

This is what Naomi had to say about the collection:
This piece is part of a series created using a combination of ink and watercolor to juxtapose a rigid geometric shape with blended organic color. The process was originally inspired by a personal collaboration with my 4-year-old daughter as we explored individual gemstones. I watched the relaxed and blithe way she chose colors and painted in easy swathes, resulting in beautiful and unexpected dimension.
Aren't they wonderful? I've been obsessed with rocks, shells and gems since I was a little girl. When out and about, especially at the beach, I'd often have my eyes toward the ground and pick up anything that looked interesting. I was always excited when my Uncle Claus, a geologist, came to visit because then I could whip out my new finds for him to examine and he'd tell me their stories.

I think these prints would be a fun and unique way to compose a family tree, with each person's birthstone. The small size would be perfect. And imagine hanging a large print in a baby's nursery? So cute. They'd make a great, out-of-the-box wedding guestbook, too, inviting friends and family to sign around your marriage birthstone (ours would be emerald for May). Or, the complete collection would look amazing filling up a wall in a jewelry-maker's studio. I know I wouldn't mind looking at a gemstone gallery every day.

But maybe I'll just start with my and G's birthstones. Aquamarine for me, a March baby, and gorgeous opal (one of my favorite stones) for my October-born hubby. They make a pretty pair, don't you think?

What's your birthstone? Discovered any fabulous art pieces lately? (Do share!)

P.S. There's a Zodiacs collection, too.

(Images via Minted)

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