Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Miami Memories : Wynwood Walls

Our last stop on our Miami getaway was Wynwood Walls, a kind of open-air museum in the vibrant Wynwood Arts District. A revitalization-project-meets-statement-art-installation, the graffiti garden is filled with colorful, graphic, world-class street art that has been painted by celebrated artists on warehouse walls and doors. (You can learn more about the history here.) We didn't have much time to spend with the collection of urban murals, and I'm not sure it is really my husband's scene, but I enjoyed every minute of our visit, including the time we spent poking around the ΓΌber-cool (if not super-expensive) on-site shop. With the means (and maybe a mansion), I'd totally want to hang up those unique, multi-media pieces. If we ever do make it back to Miami, I'd love to have lunch at the Wynwood Kitchen & Bar and to venture outside the walls and further into the obviously creative and engaging up-and-coming neighborhood.

Tour the Walls with these snaps from our visit...

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