Friday, January 16, 2015

Sparkle & Pop : Look-at-Me Party Pieces

One of the perks of being a maid of honor and planning fabulous parties for your best friend/bride-to-be is the excuse to go shopping. Because clearly I need a new outfit for the bridal shower, the bachelorette, the rehearsal dinner... (I already know what I'm wearing to the wedding!) Of course my husband would take one look at my closet and completely disagree with that theory and he might have a point but this dress-aholic (yes, it is a mostly dress-specific problem I have) finds a way to ignore him.

So the other day, I took a break from my MOH planning duties to do a little online window shopping. At first I was on the hunt for a new black dress for the bachelorette, since the "theme" for our big night out on the towndrinks, dinner, dancing—is "bling it on." The bride's ladies will be wearing black dresses with sparkling accessories. But finding a LBD that excites me enough to open my wallet—me, the one who is drawn to COLOR! PRINTS! FLORALS! as well as boho styles that don't quite fit the gone-clubbing aesthetic—proved difficult.

But when I saw the chic, black-and-white striped number at Francesca's I knew it would be perfect for the bridal shower. Now, I'm still keeping the theme for the shower a secret (just in case the bride spies this post) but I'm sure many of you can put these party pieces together and figure it out. In addition to the glitzy, golden peep toe pumps and the bright blue, almost confetti-like statement necklace, I'm planning on adding a hot pink belt to the ensemble. Or, perhaps I'll just tie a raspberry-hued grosgrain ribbon around my waist. Effective and affordable. (My hubby would approve.)

Since I'm a coupon googling master, I was able to find a 20% off code and score the above outfit for less than $100. Nevertheless, I know I can't drop a C-note on a new outfit for every party, so (hubs, are you listening?) I've resigned myself to making a black dress I already have hanging in my closet work for the bachelorette. The frock has tiny gold stitching throughout so it would fit the bling theme perfectly. Plus, now I have a pair of gold heels for the occasion.

But, of course, I am feeling like I need a little more glitz and glamour. (My jewelry box is more about color than sparkle.) These beauties from Anthropologie would definitely fit the bill. A girl can dream, right?

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