Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fashion for Grammar Nerds

I'm not usually one to gravitate toward graphic, statement tees but this is the perfect shirt for grammar nerds like myself. (I especially love the slouchy raglan pullover style.) Talk about wearing your brain on your sleeve. Ba-dum-tsh. I'm so funny.

Love it, want it? Get it at Alphonnsine. There are a bunch of other cheeky shirts in the Etsy shop, too. 

P.S. While I am certainly a grammar nerd, I am not the grammar police (unless asked!). Case in point: I love my husband in spite of his terrible spelling and grammar skills, and never correct his misspelled texts. But, if Alphonnsine was to make a "ur, your, you're" shirt, I would be tempted to buy it for him. You're welcome!

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