Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Recap : Pup Crawl

On Saturday, the four of usthe hubs and I, plus our two furry kidsparticipated in a Pup Crawl! A fundraiser for the Pet Pal Animal Shelter, the "pup" crawl was just like a "pub" crawl but with four-legged companions as our drinking buddies. 

I signed us up after spotting a LivingSocial deal for the event, and I'm so glad I did. We had a blast! It got us out and about, walking around, checking out new places, meeting new faces, and it did the same for the dogs. The Pup Crawl had a fabulous turnout (better than I ever expected) and was a wonderful socializing experience for all of us.

[ The face I make when Jasper makes a jump for my beer, mid-photo no less. Little beggar! ]

We explored five dog-friendly bars in downtown St. Petersburg, starting at World of Beer. We then hit up Cafe Del Mar, The Kitchen and The One Night Stand before ending the night at The Ale and the Witch. We humans enjoyed one drink at each bar while the dogs got plenty of attention and treats, as each stop on the crawl featured a "biscuit bar" sponsored by a local pet-related business: One Lucky Dog, Woof Gang Bakery, St. Petersbark, Pawsitively Posh Pooch and Pet Food Warehouse.

Jasper, being just a 4-month-old pup, was a bit overwhelmed at times. He hasn't been around so many people and dogs before, so there were a couple times while walking through the crowds when he would just lie down and not move if he wasn't comfortable, which would garner laughs from all who saw this little act of defiance. But overall Jasper did well and seemed to have a good time. He definitely got lots of "oohs" and "aahhs" from passersby, with everyone exclaiming how gosh darn cute he is and asking his breed (a Biewer Yorkie, if you're wondering). 

Don't worry, Cali got lots of love, too. People always tell us how beautiful she is, with her reddish coat and big, chocolatey brown eyes. Since she is almost 6 years old, she was very calm and well-behaved around all the other dogs. She was completely tuckered out by about 9 o'clock though. Cali's an old lady! But even the ever-energetic Jasper was sleepy at the end.

We lucked out when GT ran into one of his Coast Guard colleagues at the very first stop. We spent the rest of the night hanging out with him and his wife, and her friend. After months of not meeting any potential new friends here in St. Pete, I personally was very glad to chat for a few hours with some nice, fun-loving and welcoming womenwho love dogs, and bars, to boot!

A few more photos from the day, if you'd like to see...

[ Sitting nice for daddy, in order to get some treats, of course.

[ Jasper with another Biewer he met at One Night Stand. 
Wearing a dress and bow, the mature misses was named Gucci. ]

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too! Do you have pets? Ever been on a Pup Crawl?

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