Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Newlywed Nesting : In Need of Knobs

[This is our bedding, not our bedroom. We even have that sweet little Ikat pillow. But I'm coveting the floral sculpture hanging above. Isn't it beautiful?]

After moving in almost two months ago, our cozy one-bed, one-bath apartment is pretty much squared away. We just need a few finishing touches in our "master" bedroom.

Even though we lived together for a year before tying the knot, decorating our bedroom became very important after we got married. I felt we needed a space befitting a married couple. One with style. One with matching bedding. It's the little things.

That's why we put our old queen bed in storage and finally set up the king bed frame we had purchased from Ikea months and months and months ago. Seriously, probably more than a year ago, I can't even remember anymore. And we whipped out the fancy-schmancy bedding that was still folded up, unopened, in its packaging (since we didn't have the king bed or mattress to put it on).

With a plush, memory foam mattress purchased, as well as an equally-cushy comforter (thank you, wedding present gift cards to Bed, Bath & Beyond), we were ready to go. Setting up the bed (that matches our dresser), buying soft, plum-colored sheets that perfectly complement our duvet set, putting it all together and then climbing into the freshly-made sleeping sanctuary... It was a heavenly feeling. We finally had a grown-up and pretty place to lay our heads.

Since then, I've been able to turn a little corner of the room into a thoroughly-girly-yet-organized space just for me (and all my jewelry). No longer are my bits and baubles strewn all over the top of the dresser. 

And, because I had gone long enough without a nightstand (while my hubs had one, the nerve!), we picked up a pair from Ikea that match the rest of our bedroom furniture. I'm usually not one for matchy-matchy and truly what I wanted to do was score some vintage nightstands at a thrift store or flea market. We looked around a little but in the end sold out for cheap convenience. Damn that Ikea. I love/hate you.

For contrast, I chose white nightstands (our bed frame and dresser are black-brown). The white helps lighten up the space, plays off the mostly white/gray/taupe color palette of our bedding AND gives me the option of easily painting the little tables should I ever get bored and want a pop of color.

Which leads to me the title of today's post: I'm in need of knobs. I'd like to add a little interest to these simple, streamlined side tables. That fancy-schmancy bedding (side note: it really does feel luxurious) we bought has a few soft purple-pink blooms scattered about, so I'm leaning towards one of these four options. Which is your favorite?

Clockwise: Swirled Geode Knob in Pink // Feather Imprint Knob // Druzy Quartz Knob in Pink // River Reflection Knob in Pink

I love Anthropologie's selection of knobs. They are unique and not too expensive, allowing you to switch up the look of furniture or cabinets whenever you like. Especially when you're only in the market for two. I'm leaning toward the geode knobs for our new nightstands. I adore their organic feel. It's like jewelry for your furniture! I'd love to change out the pulls on our dresser, too, but that would be a much larger investment since there are 12 knobs. The hubs will make me wait on that :)

It's funny how important creating a space that feels like "ours" has become. Must be that newlywed nesting syndrome. I know we'll only be in this apartment for a short time and it will likely be years until we firmly set down roots anywhere due to GT's job. Nevertheless, it's nice to have that "home, sweet, home" feeling when you walk in the door. Or, in this case, when you doze off to dreamland at night.

Do you have a newlywed nesting tale to share? Did you feel the desire to redecorate after getting hitched? I'd love to hear!

P.S. Today is the last day for 20% off hardware (such as knobs!) at Anthropologie. Gotta get on that! (Myself, included.)

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