Thursday, July 31, 2014

Last Night's Dinner : Go Fish : Teriyaki Salmon with Sriracha Cream Sauce

I have never eaten so much fish in my life than since I started dating my now-hubby almost three years ago. As a kid, I wouldn’t touch the stuff. No fish (unless you count fish sticks, which I don’t), no shrimp, no crab… But, oddly enough, I went gaga for lobster. I think it was the lemon butter. Yum. But I digress.

It wasn’t until I got into my college years that I started giving white fish a try. I wasn’t offended by the nice, light and delicate flavor of sea bass or halibut. And I finally warmed up to shrimp (and it’s off-putting-to-some texture) after trying a bite (and liking it!) at a teppanyaki restaurant.

Nevertheless, seafood was more of a rarity than a staple in my diet. Enter GT, my husband. He loves to cook, and he especially loves to cook fish. I’d say we eat something from the sea at least once a week. And more often than not, it’s salmon.

Thanks to my hubs, I’m a total salmon convert. Before him, I would never get excited about seeing salmon on a menu, but now I do. (We even served it at our wedding!) It’s such a versatile fish, there are so many delicious ways to prepare it. Grilled. Baked. Pistachio-crusted. But our absolute favorite way is this Asian-style preparation that I pinned to my Foodie Fixations board two years ago, and we’ve made countless times since (thanks Pinterest!).

I found the recipe for Teriyaki Salmon with Sriracha Cream Sauce on Damn Delicious, and it truly lives up to the food blog’s name. Not only that, it is a beautiful and impressive dish that is deceptively simple to make—perfect for an at-home date night or a dinner party with friends. (Since the fish bakes in the oven, it's super easy to make multiple fillets if you have company over.)

(Last night we paired the salmon with stir-fried sugar snap peas and sliced red and orange bell peppers.)

One of the reasons the recipe is so good is the homemade teriyaki sauce. But the pièce de résistance is, without a doubt, the Sriracha cream sauce. It is so good, you just want to swim in it. GT and I are both guilty of adding an extra generous drizzle or two (or three). Heavenly.

Inevitably, despite the copious amount of sauce we use at dinner, we always have lots of leftovers. Fortunately, the three-ingredient mixture—made with mayonnaise, sweetened condensed milk and Sriracha—keeps well in the fridge and is excellent as a spread for sandwiches and wraps.

That’s just what I did for lunch. Playing on the spiciness of the sauce, I made a chipotle chicken breast wrap with grape tomatoes, spinach and arugula, all rolled up (just barely!) in a spinach wrap. Yum!

(Yep. That's two drizzles of Sriracha cream sauce you see. I'm telling you. It's that good!) 

Make sure to check out Damn Delicious for the full step-by-step salmon recipe (with photos!).

Are you a seafood lover? What is your favorite fish dish? I love discovering new recipes. And if you try out this teriyaki salmon, let me know what you think!

(All photos by me except top image, via Damn Delicious.)

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