Friday, August 21, 2015

A New York City Summer

After an accidental sabbatical from blogging, I'm jumping back in today by sharing my NYC summer bucket list. Now, I know summer is almost over (tear!), but still want to make the most of the warm weather while we can and explore the city's "great outdoors." The hubs should be home next week and will (fingers crossed) get on a more normal, predictable schedule come October.

Without further adieu, here are ten adventures I'd like to take before the cold sets in.

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Hanging out in Brooklyn Bridge Park, including riding the carousel and checking out Please Touch the Art.

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, taking in those spectacular Manhattan views, preferably at sunset.

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Chowing down on juicy burgers, salty fries and creamy frozen custard at the Shake Shack's original Madison Square Park location.

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Strolling along The High Line, an out-of-use 1930s freight rail line, elevated above the bustling city streets on Manhattan's West Side, that was converted into a gorgeously designed and landscaped public park.

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Enjoying a summer evening of art and wine on The Met's rooftop, which overlooks Central Park and boasts panoramic views of the city.

Picnicking in Central Park. Gotta remember these tips on where to lay out our blanket in that vast expanse of greenery and what to eat if we don't pack our own basket. (Bonus points for rowing boats on the Lake afterwards!)

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Shopping for vintage, antique and handmade goods at the Brooklyn Flea, and taking another day to be an absolute glutton at its weekly food-focused market, Smorgasburg.

Spending a day whiling away on Governors Island, which closes soon (Sept. 27). Located in New York Harbor, it is only 800 yards away from Manhattan but it claims to feel worlds away from the big city. All I know is that Hammock Grove is calling my name.

This is somewhat of an ambitious list and we may not accomplish everything this summer, but I'm looking forward to getting adventuring soon!

(Top photo of Central Park reservoir 
taken and edited by me)

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