Sunday, June 21, 2015

For Daddoo

Happy Father's Day to the guy who agreed to wear a lavender shirt and tie just for me! Ha! But seriously, I'm so grateful to have a father who is willing to do just about anything to make me happy. While he can come across as intimidating to somewith his big 'n' tough exterior and gruff voice—I've always known there was a teddy bear deep inside that grizzly bear front. I mean, the man made me cry hysterically during our father-daughter dance as he recalled memories from my childhood. Growing up, my dad would usually avoid having serious, deep, emotional talks with me, deferring such conversations to my mother, understandably so. But ever since I got married—and especially after I moved far, far away, across the country—our relationship has begun to change in this regard, and I'm so happy that it has. As surprising as it may be, my  65-year-old father has become quite the texter since (finally!) getting a cell phone and "Daddoo" (one of his sign-offs) consistently checks in to see how his "kiddo" is doing, and "his favorite veteran" the "Sailorman," too. Sometimes he gives sage advice or words of encouragement and other times he delivers a one-liner (or two) in his typical fashion. The warm and fuzzies are intermixed with a dry, offbeat sense of humor. That's my dad.

So today I want to say what I feel all the time: Thanks, Dad, for your constant love and support over the years, and for still considering me your "babygirl" even when I'm now "Mizzus T."

And although I'm a tear-soaked, ugly-crying mess, please find the video from our dance below, as a Father's Day surprise.

(Photos by heidi-o-photo)

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